Congratulations to everyone who ran, provided support, and raised money. Great job!

If you give me your bib # and actual time you crossed the finish line I can find your pictures for you. John *  617.312.5534  *

If can't find your picture via your BIB # search, look through the "Finish Time" galleries. These pictures were all shot at the FINISH LINE grandstands and are about ten seconds from your actual finish time. All pictures are in chronological order, and the last two digits are the hour and time the picture was taken. Eg. file "2019_BAA-00901-10-54" was shot at 10:54 am. So, you can easily scroll to the minute you crossed and find your picture.

Please note: all of these pictures were shot in large, hi-res formats (thought they aren't displayed that way). They are of higher quality and lower cost than other race photos. You can purchase downloads as well as standard prints and other fun products such as iPhone cases with your picture on it. Please contact me with any questions or comments, and please spread the word about the availability of these pictures. Thank you!

Bib #'s are still being tagged. If you can't find your picture, please contact me with your bib # and finish time. Feel free to ask any questions or send me comments. :)